Holidaying at Home, Highlands 2016

See pictures of a memorable day of traditional holiday fun organised by Julie for our older members - including Fish & Chips, Ice Cream and a Punch & Judy show by Professor Joe.

There are 18 photos for this gallery.
Julie and Colin Gray (Rossi CEO) Colin talks ice cream Julie briefs Salvo the Clown
Fish and Chips is served Tucking in Vinegar with that?
The piece of cod that passeth all understanding Frank and Jean enjoying lunch All enjoyed a light lunch
Sorry, but if you don't have a reservation... Ribbit! The Rossi van serves a keen customer
A VW Rossi van circa 1973 Long arm of the law? Punch - on the nose as usual
Some keen Punch & Judy spectators Julie closes proceedings. See you next year. Not necessarily Southend beach