Christmas Fair

As at the time of writing, the Christmas Fayre has raised £1,015.  Thanks to everyone who helped by running stalls, shifting tables and chairs, decorating the tree and hall, counting the money or just by attending and handing over their money!

The format and timing of this event has been the same for some years, and needs to be reviewed and changed where necessary.  If you have any views on this, make them know to us by contacting Frank & Jean Edmonds or click here to use our email contact.

Incidentally, the reason for the fair being quite early this year was firstly to avoid clashes with other events and also because Advent began on its earliest possible date - 27 November.  This early date is caused by Christmas Day falling on a Sunday, which dictates that the four Sundays of Advent are 27 November, 4 December, 11 December and 18 December!

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