Methodist Minister in Alien Alter Ego Sensation

Dateline 18 December 2015

Coinciding with the release of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, Leigh on Sea minister Julia Monaghan reveals a truly shocking secret.  Not only is she an openly avowed Star Wars fan, but also her alter ego is the character Yoda - as this candid photograph confirms...

When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not!

Yoda/Julia offers this Advent message

Sense that The Force re-Awakens, can you?

My young padawans. Flabby you have become. Lift your heads. Be alert. Preparations you must make. Rekindle your hope you should. Lost the art of reading the signs of the times have you. Can you not tell?

Last time, came fresh hope as a baby he did. Stealing into the world in a backwater. A low life place, where the dark side ruled through fear. Keep alert for his coming, must you. This time as risen Lord.

Live lives reverently, deliberately and fully awake should you. Advent promises soon to burst upon the world will they. Good news it will be. A move from injustice to freedom. From life to death, when all will come to completion. Fresh hope found in unexpected places, it will.

Sense that The Force re-Awakens, can you? Around you and within you.




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